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LiTEChain is Jointly developed by Smart Empower Innovation Labs and Great Wall Information Security.

Great Wall InfoSec Sdn Bhd.(GWIS)

GWIS is a leading communications security company, serving the needs of customers in Malaysia and worldwide. Main activities include the provision of data and communications security services, training and other interconnected IT services. GWIS is a leading communications security consultant, providing services and training to clients, small and medium sized enterprises and the public sector. Globally, we supply managed IT services to multinational corporations, domestic businesses, and national and local government organizations.


http://www.great-wall-security.com mail@great-wall-security.com

Smart Empower Innovation Labs Inc.

Smart Empower Innovation Labs is a Canadian-based research and development corporation specialized in fields of machine learning, data science and embedded computing. We provide R&D, education and consulting services. Smart Empower Innovation Labs brings over 20 years of collective academic and industrial research and development in fields of machine learning, data science and embedded computing. We provide expert-level solutions that tackle real-world challenges in various fields.

Applying cutting-edge machine learning and embedded computing algorithms, we bring artificial intelligence to the embedded paradigm and the IOT revolution. We unlock potentials of artificial intelligence in various industries.

Our expertise spans wide range of industries such as:

  • Oil & Gas and energy sector.
  • Environmental monitoring and logging.
  • Healthcare.
  • IOT security.


http://www.smartempower.ca/ info@smartempower.ca

Our Platform

Leveraging on cutting edge expertise in encryption security, machine learning, and IoT, LiTEChain provides a secure Intelligent Asset tracking solution that merges between blockchain, IOT, and Machine Learning technologies. Utilizing IBM’s HyperLedger Fabric, LiTEChain offers a secure customizable decentralized Intelligence. Applying cutting-edge and proprietary encryption and machine learning algorithms, LiTEChain provides a small footprint, yet secure solution for your organization.


Sustainable Palm Oil Production
With an escalating demand, palm oil industry is challenged with opaque supply chain and lack of tracebility.
Supply chain and predictive maintenance in Manufacturing and Oil and Gas sectors:
Challenged with the need to cut costs through improved tracking for different products through their life time
Supply Chain for sensitive products
Tracking temperature-sensitive products in healthcare industry and perishable goods.
Increased demand for transparency and accountability.
Examples include: Land register, interbank reconciliation, and educational credentials, etc.


A secure tamper-proof cryptography-based distributed ledger integrated with smart monitoring using wide range of sensors.
A secure AI- Enabled sensors tags that are backed up with a secure LiTE M2M cryptography-based Smart Contracts.
A tamper-proof cryptography-based ledger backed with cutting-edge anomality-detection smart sensing systems.
A Private or Public secure tamper-resistant ledger backed with frictionless smart contracts.

Our Technology


  • State-of-the-art patented encryption algorithms
  • Smart Contracts that secure all kind of asset transactions
  • Moving from Internet of Things to the Internet of Smart Things
  • Decentralized Intelligence
  • Small footprint with AI-Enabled IoT tags and a wide range of sensors
  • Customizable based on organization security and IOT needs

Target Markets

  • Asset Tracking and supply chain applications
  • Major Industries: Manufacturing, Agriculture, Oil & Gas, healthcare, and retail

Main Components

LiTEChain Builder
Authorized users can deploy new assets to the blockchain and activate smart contracts through a friendly UI.
LiTEChain – Track N Trace
A user-friendly Decentralized App allowing the customer to track assets in a secure transparent supply chain.
Smart Sensor Monitoring
AI-Enabled tags that are customizable to work with range of sensors.


Prof. Dr. Magdy Saeb
Founder & CEO
Michelle Chan , MBA.  
Director & Certified Trainer
Rami Zewail, PhD
R&D Consultant & Co-Founder
Ahmed S. Hag ElSafi, MSc.
R&D Consultant & CO-Founder

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